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This training will help professionals learn how to identify, understand, and manage high conflict patterns of behaviour. It provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the New Ways for Families® Parenting without Conflict online course for parents curriculum and how to implement it in their work with clients. Participants will learn how to coach clients through the online course material by reinforcing the skills taught in the course and assisting clients in applying the skills to their own situation. It is designed for use by Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and other family law professionals who work closely with co-parents to help them to establish parenting agreements and co-parent successfully.

The Course Overview

  • 5 hours of recorded video training with Bill Eddy, Founder of the High Conflict Institute and developer of the original New Ways for Families Course.
  • Full access to complete the New Ways for Families – Parenting without Conflict Course
  • Certification as a New Ways Coach
  • Ongoing support and mentoring from the Mediation Institute / Interact Support team

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Become a Certified New Ways for Families Coach and help parents learn the four big skills for lower conflict post-separation parenting and improved Family Dispute Resolution Mediation.

Learn techniques such as:

  • EAR for diffusing high conflict behaviour
  • The BIFF Response for reduced conflict communication
  • The three step proposal process to help people to get out of their stories and work towards solutions

Course Detail

The course includes the following content:

Overview of High Conflict Patterns of Behaviour

  • Identifying High Conflict Behaviours: all-or-nothing thinking, unmanaged emotions, extreme behaviour
  • Understanding the Cycle of High Conflict Thinking
  • Understanding possible causes of High Conflict Behaviour: trauma, personality disorders, other mental health issues
  • The importance of Empathy, Attention and Respect (EAR)
  • Practices exercises and/or role plays

Why New Ways?

  • Overview of the New Ways program design
  • Understanding of the structure: small skills in small steps
  • Practical application through the course and accountability
  • Research Informed: developed from experience based interventions

How New Ways Addresses High Conflict Issues

  • Review Class Five Content
  • Identify extreme behaviours common in high conflict cases:
    • substance abuse
    • intimate partner violence
    • child abuse
    • anger management issues
    • parental alienation
    • false allegations
  • Learn how to assist clients in applying the New Ways skills to these high conflict situations, as applicable:
    • participants will review class five in preparation for a session with a client
  • Learn how to guide parents in talking to their children about the New Ways Skills
    • review class five, page “What to tell the children”, plus additional client handout on the topic

The New Ways Skills

  • Learning the New Ways Skills: Comprehensive training on the course content, reviewing each of the 4 Big Skills.
  • Participants will learn the skills for yourself and will see what the client is expected to do:
    • Managed Emotions (Class One Content)
    • Flexible Thinking (Class Two Content)
    • Moderate Behaviours (Class Three Content)
    • Checking Yourself (Class Four Content)
  • Practice the 4 New Ways Skills with practice exercises and/or role plays on:
    • BIFF Response
    • Making Proposals
    • Coaching clients to make proposals
  • Reinforcing the skills with Clients:
    • Review the practice exercises and journal entries that parents will be expected to complete
    • Role play working with clients in session including how to guide parents to improve or edit their responses
    • Brainstorm additional exercises to assist the parent in applying the skills to their own situation

Assisting clients with Decision Making

  • Review the content of classes six to eleven
  • Learn how to coach clients on decisions that need to be made
  • Helping clients anticipate issues that may arise in making those decisions
  • Use of your professional judgement as to which topics to cover with clients, based on the client’s needs and specific circumstances.

Avoid becoming a High Conflict Case

  • Review the content of class twelve
  • Coaching clients on avoiding high conflict behaviours
  • reinforcement of the skills in the context of class twelve material

Bonus Content – Mediating High Conflict Cases

This module is an additional 90 minute session for professionals who engage in Family Dispute Resolution and mediation-type services with clients after clients have completed the online course.

  • New Ways for Mediation: Advanced Skills for Practitioners
  • Assisting clients in the decision-making process: how to be an effective mediator with high conflict clients
  • Reinforcing the New Ways Skills in mediation

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