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You can use the map below to find a New Ways Coach in your state who can help you with your post separation parenting.

There are Certified New Ways Coaches available to help you.

The listing below indicates the professionals who have completed the New Ways Coach Training and are able to assist.

They work as individual professionals so please contact them to arrange your coaching services.

Recommended Coaching programs are:

  • Pre-Mediation Coaching – 2 sessions to assist with preparing for mediation
  • Co-Parenting Coaching – 3 Sessions to assist with co-parenting
  • Intensive New Ways Coaching Program – 10 sessions for a more comprehensive coaching package recommended for people who are currently negotiating a family law settlement with a High Conflict Person and/or in Family Court. This coaching program will help you to learn how to use techniques such as EAR and the BIFF Response and use the 4 Big Skills in highly stressful situations.

New Ways for Families Course

Only $198 per parent

New Ways Coach Register

Register of Coaches who have successfully completed the New Ways for Families - Parenting without Conflict Coach Training.
Certificate NumberNew Ways Coach NameState or TerritoryLink to profileCertified Date
2018001Hara SyrosVictoriaProfile17.04.2018
2018002Joanne LawVictoriaProfile17.04.2018
2018003Ken SpeakmanQueenslandProfile22.4.2018
2018004Yvonne FlandersVictoriaProfile22.4.2018
2018005Larissa GoldbergVictoriaProfile26.4.2018
2018006Lee LeeQueenslandProfile13.5.2018
2018007Marie KellyQueenslandProfile26.5.2018
2018008Susie RaynerVictoriaProfile23.5.2018
2018009Janet CunninghamQueenslandJanet is not currently taking on clients. 3.6.2018
2018010Paul KennaVictoriaPaul is not currently taking on clients17.04.2018
2018011Sharron DuncanQueenslandProfile30.6.2018
2018012Adrienne McNamaraWestern AustraliaProfile30.6.2018
2018013David ChittendenQueenslandProfile08.07.2018
2018014Cynthia BrookingQueenslandProfile22.8.2018
2018015Renee CattVictoriaProfile23.9.2018
2018016Claudia SaderVictoriaProfile Pending You can contact Claudia on 0401 590 12230.9.2018
2018017Katherine NicholsQueenslandKatherine is not currently accepting new clients6.10.2018
2018018Prudence HenschkeVictoriaProfile pending25.10.2018
2018019Venita DimosVictoriaProfile pending7.11.2018
2018020Anne-Maree CadeVictoriaProfile pending5.12.2018
2019021Sharron DuncanQueenslandProfile pending1.7.2019
2019022Janis BullVictoriaProfile pending2.7.2019

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